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Crisp Vendor Universe: IoT-Backend Providers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is following cloud computing as the next megatrend, making sure that IT concepts as well as processes face a sustainable change. Industrial enterprises become smart factories, driven by new mechanisms and sensors that lead to connected and optimized value chains. Today’s “smart connected economy” forces decision makers to change their portfolios fundamentally. Therefore, CIOs and technology professionals are looking for ways and technologies as a foundation to support their strategies. Continue reading “Crisp Vendor Universe: IoT-Backend Providers” »

OpenStack Distribution Comparison: Research Phase Started

The maturity of the open source based cloud management framework OpenStack is growing and thus CIOs worldwide are dealing with it in order to use it in their enterprise infrastructure to build own and hybrid cloud environments. In addition, nearly all relevant cloud and webhosting companies are starting to build their next generation infrastructure based on OpenStack. Furthermore, OpenStack is one of the drivers behind the open source hype that affects CIOs IT infrastructure strategies. However, OpenStack is also complex and much effort is necessary in order to develop a comprehensive OpenStack based environment. Continue reading “OpenStack Distribution Comparison: Research Phase Started” »