Research Themen

Cloud - The Infrastructure Fabric

Cloud Platforms, Managed Cloud, Private Cloud, Open Source Cloud Stacks, IaaS, Cloud Management, PaaS, SaaS, SDN, CDN, Openstack, Cloudstack, Cloud TCO

Data-Driven Economy

Big Data, Hadoop, Data Economy, In-Memory Database, No-SQL, Statistal Frameworks, Data Visualization, Analytical Platforms, Data Markets

Digital Customer Experience

Marketing Automation, Customer Retargeting, Social Advertisement, Engagement Management, Multi-Channel Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Content Customization, Social Media Monitoring, Feedback Solutions

Our Mobile Universe

Mobile Apps, App Marketplaces, NFC, Mobile Payment, Mobile Gaming, Augmented Reality, Location-based Services, Mobile Advertisement, Mobile Video

Future of Work

Social Task Management, Social Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Virtual Companies, BYOD, Talent Management, Social Recruiting, Gamification of Work, Crowdsourcing

OpenStack - The new Cloud-OS

Cloud-OS, Standardization, Cloud Vendor Lock-In, IaaS, PaaS, Cloud Platforms, Stackology, Open Cloud, Cloud Licensing, Cloud Architecture

Multi-Channel Commerce

Mobile Payment, Managed eCommerce, eCommerce Platforms, Social Commerce, Recommendation Marketing, In-Store TV, Mobile Couponing

360° Security

eMail & Content Security, Backup, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Encryption & Key Management, IAM, Network Security, Data Governance, Compliance

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Tools & Instruments, Content Distribution & Channels, Blogs, Infographics, Corporate Video, Digital Storytelling, Influencer Networks, Sharing & Curation, Content KPIs, Monitoring

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