IT-Strategy: 10 facts how agility supports your strategy

Agility could be a competitive advantage for each business. There for here are some facts how agility could support your IT strategy.

1. Infrastructure
- Your infrastructure should be flexible and scalable.
- Standardize your technologie is the goal.

2. Datamanagement
- Centralize your data management (single source)
- Use standardized interfaces to access the data.

3. Information logistics
- Use company-wide uniform defined key data (KPIs) and computational procedures.
- Separate your data from your applications

4. Management informationsystems
- Use informationsystems on each management level
- Be flexible for business requirements

5. Company-wide integration
- Use technologie kits (cf. LEGO) connecting your partner and distributors.
- Use standardize interchange formats.

6. E-Business ability
- Having scalable Webserver and CMS.
- Having a high security standard.

7. Communication systems
- Using integrative E-Mail and Groupware solutions
- Integrate your mobile systems and devices
- Using VoIP

8. IT-Governance
- Having a fast decision process oriented on your business strategy.
- Save ressources for short-term projects.

9. Enterprise Ressource Planning
- Using a coherent business logic.
- Optimize your processes.
- Avoid redundancies.

10. Loose coupling
- Use autonomous functional components
- Standardize your interfaces
- Separate the functionality and process logic


IT-Agility is not for free. Flexibility is in contrast to cost optimization and performance optimization. It´s not necessary for each business or each business area. If cost and performance optimization is a competitive advantage, agility doesn't greatly matter. This means that IT-Agility should be adopted in business areas, where flexibility and reactivity are the key factors. Have a look on your business strategy to adopt IT-Agility.

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