Cloud Anbieter: Enomaly


Enomaly is the leader in empowering telecom, IDC and managed hosting operators to deliver the benefits of Cloud Computing to their customers. As one of the earliest pioneers of cloud computing, Enomaly has the experience to help you monetize the cloud.

Their Elastic Computing Platform (Enomaly ECP) has often been described as the world's first true IaaS platform.

Their v1 and v2 product generations were deployed over 15,000 times around the world.

Enomaly ECP 3, our current-generation technology, has benefited from our 6+ years of cloud computing leadership, and today is used by telecom and IDC operators in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia to deliver cloud computing services to their customers.

Enomaly ECP 3, available in the core Service Provider Edition and the security-enhanced High Assurance Edition, is the only third-generation platform of its kind, and the most massively scalable, highly reliable, lightweight, and feature-packed IaaS platform in the industry.

Enomaly is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with additional team members on the West Coast of North America, in Europe, and Asia.


  • Infrastructure as a Service


  • Elastic Computing Platform


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