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AppZero™ leads the next wave of virtualization in which applications are decoupled from operating systems.

Encapsulating an application and its dependencies in a pre-integrated, self-contained virtual application appliance (VAA), AppZero makes it possible to deliver any application on any server, in time that approaches zero.

VAAs require zero operating system (zeOS) to run optimally on: industry standard hardware (typically a server); in a virtual machine; or in the cloud. This approach dramatically simplifies software deployment, operation, and management by freeing IT from the need to resolve complex OS and VM compatibility issues, library dependencies, or undesirable interactions with other applications.

Application lifecycle automation also becomes far more flexible, less prone to error, and workloads can be provisioned to scale or de-scale to any machine, anywhere. The resultant elastic datacenter is able to seamlessly utilize any cloud, eliminating cloud service lock-in.

Pioneer of the virtual application appliance, AppZero software creates, controls, and maintains VAAs.

The company envisions a world in which VAAs are the standard for frictionless, real-time automation of software distribution and on-going application maintenance. Driving management complexity and the costs associated with that complexity toward zero, the VAA approach makes a compelling argument for our enterprise and ISV clients in this economic environment.


  • Infrastructure as a Service


  • Virtual Application Appliances (VAA) Management


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