Cloud Anbieter: Amazon Web Services


Since early 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. With AWS you can requisition compute power, storage, and other services–gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as your business demands them. With AWS you have the flexibility to choose whichever development platform or programming model makes the most sense for the problems you’re trying to solve. You pay only for what you use, with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments, making AWS the most cost-effective way to deliver your application to your customers and clients. And, with AWS, you can take advantage of’s global computing infrastructure that is the backbone of’s multi-billion retail business and transactional enterprise whose scalable, reliable, and secure distributed computing infrastructure has been honed for over a decade.


  • Infrastructure as a Service


  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Auto Scaling
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (FWS)
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS)
  • Amazon DevPay
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • AWS Import/Export
  • Alexa Web Information Service
  • Alexa Top Sites
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk


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