Cloud Anbieter: 3tera


Successful online services have millions of users, and serving that many users means scaling applications to hundreds and often thousands of servers. Running that many servers also requires at least that many networking and storage devices, adding to the challenge. For this reason, scaling online applications is an enormously difficult problem.

3Tera, now part of CA Technologies, has solved this problem by harnessing the power of grid computing. CA 3Tera AppLogic is the first turnkey cloud computing platform that runs and scales existing real-world web applications on grids of commodity servers. Partnering with leading hosting providers, this breakthrough technology enables true utility computing for the first time. AppLogic makes it possible to visually assemble existing software directly into portable applications that run on any grid and scale from a fraction of a server to hundreds of servers with a single command.

Founded in 2004 and based in Aliso Viejo, California, 3Tera was acquired by CA Technologies in March 2010.


  • Infrastructure as a Service


  • AppLogic


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